Should you buy a turnkey property? Or would you prefer to start from scratch in the open countryside and watch the construction of your dream home from day one? Or do you perhaps envision a renovation project? Find out about the pros and cons of building and of buying in this post. Even when at the end of the day the right home will be a question of taste and requirements.

The differences between both types are obvious: With the building option, you have quite a lot of freedom in terms of its design. It already starts with the selection of the plot of land, to the design and appearance of the property and ends with the interior design. It is very different when buying a property: in this case you choose from a selection that the market already offers, perhaps even a bargain. The property already exists, and it is therefore much less time-intensive and most are ready to move in after a short period. And last but not least people say that old properties have a very special charm. Just think of a timber-framed home with a fireplace in the living room.

In terms of financing, newly built properties and bought properties are of almost the same value. Buying your own home is probably the most affordable option, followed by a row of terraced houses and a detached home nestled in greenery. The age of the property, its condition, its location and many more are however other factors that affect the financial aspects.

Do the test

When making important decisions you have probably already been told to: “write down the pros and cons”. With regard to deciding about building or buying a property it helps if you answer the following questions for yourself and use the answers to help you make a decision.

  1. How important do you think it is to be able to design your property exactly as you want it? For example, in terms of materials, the floor plan and organisation?
  2. Do you like historical or older buildings that score with their charm?
  3. Would you like a detached house in the countryside? A penthouse? A prefabricated house? What is worth considering and what is not?
  4. Have you already found a plot of land for a new build?
  5. How much equity can you raise? What is affordable?
  6. The mortgage has to be paid. Think about the amount you can spend at most per month in order to be able to pay this and the resulting interest back?
  7. Are you good at handiwork or do you have friends who can contribute particular talents in this sense? If yes, do you plan to involve this expertise in the construction or renovation project?
  8. You probably have a precise image of your dream property – where can you make compromises?

Use the detailed decision-making helper from St.Galler Kantonalbank that you can download at