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Advertising property

Choose between a single ad with a fixed duration or billing based on the number of days published. With newhome, you get complete cost transparency, user-friendly ad submission, and optional services that further support the success of your ad.

Existing customers

New customers



Durations and prices:

  • 15 days: CHF 0
  • Extension of the term possible with CLASSIC

  • Aax. 3 images
  • Documents/videos
  • Anonymous listing
  • Listing Archiving
  • Import via interface possible
  • Company portrait in the
    provider directory
  • Listing Integration on your website




Durations and prices:

  • 15 days: CHF 139
  • 30 days: CHF 179
  • 60 days: CHF 249
  • Extension of the term possible

  • Up to 30 images
  • Documents/videos
  • Anonymous listing
  • Listing Archiving (in addition CHF 29.-)
  • Import via interface possible
  • Company portrait in the
    provider directory
  • Listing Integration on your website



Durations and prices:

  • Price overview
  • Billing based on the number of advertised days per month
  • Plus monthly flat fee of CHF 20
  • Term: Minimum duration of 3 months

  • Up to 30 images
  • Documents/videos
  • Anonymous listing
  • Listing Archiving
  • Import via interface possible
  • Company portrait in the
    provider directory
  • Listing Integration on your website
  • Company/Branch/Employee Structure according to Your Company Organization
  • Advanced statistics (csv form)

This is what our customers say

newhome enables us to reach a wide audience in the region, ensuring that our real estate properties are discovered by potential buyers. This increases the visibility of our properties and facilitates successful transactions.

Ralf Scherrer, Owner
ImmoLeague AG➚

Most inquiries from potential buyers are received through newhome, making it our most important channel for listing properties.

Patrizia Wachter Tanner, Managing Director
Prefera Immobilien AG➚

newhome is our preferred partner for online property marketing, and we highly value the innovative and reliable collaboration.

Benedikt Marbet, Co-owner
Marbet Immobilien AG➚

newhome exceeds real expectations! Their platform not only allows us to reach a broad audience in the region but also sets new standards in terms of quality and exclusivity for Swiss real estate.

Lukas Lüscher, Owner
ALUAG.CH AG Immobilien➚

For us in the Eastern Switzerland region, newhome has always been of great importance. This is where our buying and rental offers receive the necessary attention.

Christian Häle, Real Estate Marketer
Sonnenbau AG➚

newhome provides a clear platform for real estate listings with quick response times to inquiries and swift listing options, which has enhanced our efficiency in the real estate sector.

Ruedi Tanner, Partner
Wirz Tanner Immobilien AG➚

For our clients and also for us, by far the prefered real estate portal.

Daniel Enz, Owner / Managing Director
Zoller Partner AG➚

At newhome, we have a clear pricing structure. We foster a partnership relationship on an equal footing.

Eric Villiger, Managing Director
REVE Immobilien AG

Further customer testimonials

newhome Meet & Greet

As a business customer, you have the opportunity to get to know newhome better at a Meet & Greet in various regions and to exchange ideas with other participants in the real estate industry.

To the Meet & Greet dates

Support & contact

In our FAQs, you will find the most common questions and answers regarding advertising on newhome. If you wish to have a personal consultation, you can reach us via the contact form or at +41 44 240 11 60.

Customer Care Team


To publish an advert, please proceed as followed:

  1. Click “Mein newhome”.
  2. Click “My adverts“.
  3. Click “Advertise“.

The following instructions help you to create a new advert with just a few steps:

  1. Property:
    • Enter a title.
    • Offer type, property type, sub-property type.
    • Add the location > You decide whether you want to enter only the town or also the exact address (tick “Publish street / no.”). If our marker is not set correctly, you can move it by grabing it with your mouse and placing it on the correct house. 
  2. Details:
    • Enter more detailed information about the object.
    • In the “Description” you can bring your object even closer to the searcher.
  3. Media:
    • Upload the floor plan, pictures and other documents.
      Attention: Please make sure that the documents and pictures are all object-related and that you upload at least one picture.
  4. Contact:
  5. You are almost done:
    • Select “Go to publish” and choose the term your listing should be online.
      • Optimisations:
        If you wish, you can book various optimisations here to give your ad more visibility
      • Anonymous publishing:
        Choose this in order to not show your contact details in the advert. (name and phone number)

The review and activation of an advertisement usually takes one working day. Objects are neither checked nor activated on weekends and public holidays.

If you want to edit your advert, you need to go to you listing management area:

  1. Click “My newhome
  2. Click “My adverts
  3. Click “Manage listing” an then “Edit
  4. You can now edit the details of your listing.

It is mandatory that you click “go to publish” after editing everything you need, because otherwise your edited data will not be publishes on newhome.ch.

There is no possibility to pause a listing. You can deactivate your listing at any time and reactivate it as desired during your chosen duraction. If you would like to keep it for a longer period of time, archiving is necessary. 

A deactivated (inactive) listing will be stored in your useraccount for 30 days. If you do not reactivate or archive it, it will automatically and irrevocably deleted.

If you wish to delete or deactivate any of your listings, please follow these steps:

  1. Click “My newhome
  2. Click “My adverts
  3. Click “Manage listing” 
  4. now click “Deactivate“. Your listing will no longer be visable on newhome.ch
  5. You can either leave your listing on “inactive” for the next 30 days before it will be irrevocably deleted or click “Delete” to delete it irrevocably as per now.

Attention: Once an listing has been deleted, it is irrevocably deleted and cannot be restored!

Advertisers benefit from:

Simple & transparent
Calculable costs, time-saving, and easy handling
In collaboration with the cantonal banks and real estate companies associated with newhome, stable and predictable
In the best light
Digital product solutions, uncomplicated insertion, best listing and service quality
Supports the strengthening of an industry alternative compared to traditional real estate portals

Advertise an apartment for free

Advertise your rental apartment for free using the Advertise FREE option for 15 days and quickly find a new tenant. Create a free user account and start entering your listing right away.

Advertise an apartment or house

Do you want to sell or rent out your house or apartment? Create a user account in a few steps and place your listing at affordable rates with the CLASSIC option. Our explanatory video shows you how it’s done.

Real estate listings for real estate agencies

As an agent or real estate agency, you have a choice: With the Advertise CLASSIC option, you can list individual properties (houses, apartments, commercial properties) on newhome. No contractual commitment or monthly fees. Do you want to regularly sell or rent properties on newhome? Then we recommend Advertise FLEX – you only pay for the days your listing is live. For just CHF 20 per month, you’ll receive many free extras.

Selling property

The private sale of a property can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are our tips.