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For many, the very phrase “moving house” can cause stomach pain and automatically conjure up images of chaos, stress and too much work. Admittedly, a move is usually not a walk in the park. However, there are a few tricks you can use to save yourself a lot of hassle and keep the chaos within bounds.

Sort things out

Use this opportunity and separate yourself from anything you no longer need. You will quickly have a few boxes less to take with you to your new four walls. Put any broken items into the bin. Anything too good to be thrown away can perhaps be donated or sold online.


Sit down quietly and check your budget for the move. What new items do you need to buy? Where could you save? Is it worth even hiring a removals company? To avoid any nasty financial surprises afterwards, it is better to plan precisely beforehand if there is a catch somewhere or not.

The right helpers

You will quickly age without helpers on your moving day. When organising your troops make sure that you get hold of the hard-working ones. If the helpers are mostly unmotivated, the moving day quickly becomes very drawn out.

Spoil the helpers

As mentioned previously, helpers are essential. For that reason be the one that motivates the troops on moving day and let your supporters know how pleased you are to have their help. A tasty meal can do real miracles here.

Pack correctly

A golden rule for your move – do not pack boxes too full. In particular boxes of books, as the cardboard quickly reaches its limits and your helpers’ too.

Label the boxes

Before you have to answer the question “where does this box go?” twenty times during the move, draw up a plan of where the furniture should go. Paint a floor plan of the new home and give each room a coloured dot. The boxes will be marked with the respective colour and can be placed directly into the right rooms by the helpers. Hang up the furniture layout plan in a visible place in several areas of the new home.

Secure a parking space

It will save you an incredible amount of hassle, if you reserve a parking space in a timely fashion. One for the old and one for the new home. If you need to haul your goods too far, it is not only exhausting but can also endanger the timings of your well thought-out plan.

Greet your new neighbours

You would prefer to unpack your moving boxes first of all, that is logical. However, it would be better to introduce yourself to your new neighbours as soon as possible. On the one hand, it makes settling into the housing community and neighbourhood immensely easier. On the other hand you can therefore have a direct contact person should you require any help or have any questions.

Moving isn’t really all that bad, it is just a new start associated with chances. When everything works and the helpers are even in a good mood, moving can be fun!

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