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Well prepared: planning before moving day

The moving day is usually over in a flash. Whether everything goes smoothly on the day, however, depends a lot on your planning in the run-up. In order to keep an eye on everything, it would be best if you consider the following things that you should deal with before your moving day.

Set the moving date

if you have found a new home, set a date straight away because that will be the basis for all further planning.

Terminate the rental contract

make sure you adhere to the current notice period otherwise you will pay double the rent and that would be a waste.

Request holidays

for your moving day take at least one, or even better two, days holiday. Even if you have everything under control to an extent, it always involves more work than you think in the end.

Organise helpers

ask friends and family to help in advance. Particularly if the moving day falls during the summertime as it will quickly coincide with holiday plans. Lure them in with tasty food on the moving day and an invite to the house-warming party!

Organise a babysitter

are you moving with a child or a pet? Ahead of the day, sort out someone to look after the child or the pet.

Organise transport and apply for a parking space

early on, think about how you would like to transport your belongings from A to B. Do your contacts and friends have a suitable vehicle? Or do they have to hire something? At the same time, it is worth booking a parking space for the moving day – otherwise in the worst case scenario the moving boxes will need to be carried very far.

Request bulky waste removal

moving home provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of old relics. Before you start packing, thoroughly sort everything out and leave anything unnecessary to be collected as bulky waste.

Redirection order

so that no post goes missing, quickly sort out a redirection order. From the first day of your move, you can already have post sent to your new address.

Notification of change of address and insurance

it is not only the post office but also insurance companies and local authorities who would like to know about your move. Provide notification of your change of address and do not forget to tell the local authority.

Moving tools

before you start packing, you have to of course get the packing materials. Boxes, tape and other items should be ready in sufficient quantity.

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it is best to start packing two weeks before the moving day. That way you have enough time to pack everything calmly instead of frantically throwing your things into boxes in a disorganised fashion.

Furniture plan

make a furniture layout plan for the new home and label the boxes with the respective rooms. This helps the coordination on moving day tremendously.

Moving day food

don’t forget to buy moving day food for you and for your helpers. Anyone who vigorously sets about the task has to replenish their used-up reserves quickly.

Final clean

if you have packed and loaded everything, you still have to do the final clean so that you can hand over your old home to the new tenants in spotless condition.

If you have everything under control, the moving day can begin. Simply start your planning early and factor in time buffers to make it less stressful in the end.

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