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The big day: a checklist for a perfect move

You have finished with your planning and now it’s here, the big moving day. You can quickly lose control at this stage, after all it is difficult to keep track of all the boxes and the many helpers you have. You are constantly being asked which box goes where, and where something or another is. In order to avoid chaos, all you have to do is follow a few ground rules.

Keep calm: On moving day, get up a little earlier and have breakfast in peace, before the stress begins. That way you are best prepared for the exhausting day ahead.

Pack any last bits and pieces: Anything that has not been packed should now be stored in boxes. In addition, pack a transparent box so that you always have the most important objects ready: medication, toilet paper, mobile and charger, etc.

Important telephone numbers: Are you moving with children or a pet? Always have the babysitter’s and petsitter’s telephone numbers ready and keep an eye on your mobile at all times so you can be reached in an emergency. Give the people helping you move a sheet of paper with your mobile number on it and the address of the new flat so that everyone arrives at the same place.

Provide rubbish bags: The dustbins have been packed, for everything else simply position rubbish bags so that everything is in its right place. The easiest thing is to attach them to a door handle so that people are not constantly searching for them.

Distribution of tasks: Divide your helpers into groups and delegate tasks to them. One team at the van, the next at the stairs and the others take care of the catering.

Inspect the staircase: A last check to see what damage the staircase already has so that you cannot be blamed for it afterwards.

Load the goods to be transported: First load the furniture into the van and then the boxes. Given that furniture is bulky, most have hollow spaces that can then be filled with moving boxes or smaller objects.

Remove name plates: To bid a final farewell to the old home, remove name plates from the doorbell and letterbox. This is also important with regard to the change of address order, which you have no doubt placed in advance.

Final clean: Once you have cleared all objects from the house, it is time to do the final clean. It would be good if you have organised a team of helpers so that you do not need to do everything alone.

Tour of the home: Once everything is empty and clean, go around the home once more and note down all the gas, water and electricity meter readings. You should also check whether any damage has been caused to the staircase that you and your team of helpers are responsible for.

The arrival: In the new home, it would be best to first of all place the furniture where it should go so that you no longer have to move around it.

Tidy up: The most important thing first of all is to make the bedroom as ready as possible for moving in. Also make sure to keep the most important passageways clear so that you don’t have to do any climbing on the way to the bathroom.

Done! You can now take a deep breath, arrive calmly at your new home and organise everything just as you had planned. You finally have most of the work behind you now.

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