Have you ever wondered about what types of property ownership are viable for you? After all, all ownership is not equal. Therefore, consider first and foremost exactly which model suits you and is your best choice for the long term. You can choose between the following three types:

Sole ownership

The property is fully owned by you. Both natural and legal persons can be sole owners.


Without dividing the property, the co-owners are each only entitled to a proportional share therein. These are known as intangible shares. Legally speaking, they are treated in the same way as those of sole ownership. Each owner may thus dispose of their own share, sell it, or pledge it as desired. But beware — by law, the other co-owners have a right of pre-emptive purchase.

Joint ownership

In the case of joint ownership, all owners own the whole property in the form of a collective. In contrast to co-ownership, there are no legal shares. In order for joint ownership to be possible, one of the following is required: marital joint ownership, joint heirs or an ordinary partnership, a collective company or a limited partnership.