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Customer Testimonials

Successfully advertise real estate individually or through subscription – various customers confirm this in the following statements. Become a customer at newhome as well

Listing offer



Durations and prices:

  • 15 days: CHF 139
  • 30 days: CHF 179
  • 60 days: CHF 249
  • Extension of the term possible



Durations and prices:

  • Price overview
  • Billing based on the number of advertised days per month
  • Plus monthly flat fee of CHF 20
  • Term: Minimum duration of 3 months

Here’s what our customers are saying

We receive the majority of inquiries from prospective buyers through newhome, making it our primary channel for listing properties.

Patrizia Wachter Tanner,
Managing Director
Prefera Immobilien AG➚

Since mid-2023, we have been prioritizing advertising on newhome. We are pleased to note that as a result, we are receiving significantly more clicks and inquiries via newhome.ch than through other real estate portals. We support newhome intentionally and confidently.

Patrik Fischer, Co-Owner
WELCOME Immobilien AG

At newhome, we have a transparent pricing structure. We enjoy a partnership built on mutual respect. We greatly appreciate that newhome focuses solely on the publication of listings and does not attempt to interfere with our relationships with other partners, such as software or valuation providers.

Eric Villiger, Managing Director
REVE Immobilien AG

newhome exceeds our expectations! Their platform not only provides us with wide-reaching exposure in the region but also sets new standards for quality and exclusivity in Swiss real estate. With their innovative approaches and targeted strategies, they ensure that our properties are discovered by potential buyers, while maintaining the high level of data security expected by prospective buyers and market participants. We are thrilled with our partnership with newhome and look forward to further outstanding results!

Lukas Lüscher, Owner
ALUAG.CH AG Immobilien

newhome enables us to reach a wide audience in the region, ensuring that our real estate properties are discovered by potential buyers. This increases the visibility of our properties and facilitates successful transactions.

Ralf Scherer, Owner
ImmoLeague AG

For us in the Eastern Switzerland region, newhome has always been of great importance. This is where our buying and rental offers receive the necessary attention.

Christian Häle, Real Estate Marketer
Sonnenbau AG

newhome provides a clear platform for real estate listings with quick response times to inquiries and swift listing options, which has enhanced our efficiency in the real estate sector.

Ruedi Tanner, Partner
Wirz Tanner Immobilien AG

Independence is invaluable to us. With newhome, we have a partner that enables a self-determined real estate industry. That’s why we always advertise our properties first through newhome.

Stefan Hählen, Marketing Management
ramseier + stucki architekten ag

For us in the Eastern Switzerland region, newhome has always been of great importance. This is where our buying and rental offers receive the necessary attention.

Christian Häle, Real Estate Marketer
Sonnenbau AG

newhome is our preferred partner for online property marketing, and we highly value the innovative and reliable collaboration.

Benedikt Marbet, Co-Owner
Marbet Immobilien AG➚

Depending on the region, some real estate portals receive many inquiries, while others receive fewer. newhome has established itself as the leading real estate portal in Eastern Switzerland and is an important marketing tool for real estate companies. Additionally, we greatly appreciate the independence and innovations of newhome.

Samuel Güdel, CEO
Güdel Immobilien AG

In search of a reliable partner, we came across newhome. The support and collaboration are top-notch. Furthermore, we note that we continue to receive the same number of inquiries for our listings.

Yves Hartmann, Partner
Wintimmo Treuhand und Verwaltungs AG➚

As property managers, we appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of newhome and the use of available interfaces. The handling is extremely user-friendly and the flexible packages better suit our needs than those of other providers. We are excited to be part of the newhome community and look forward to a successful collaboration!

Jan Kaufmann, Partner
Viva Real AG

Thanks to newhome, our property listings reach a broad audience, ensuring that potential buyers/tenants in the region can find them quickly. Their platform maximizes the visibility of our offerings and helps us market efficiently and successfully.

Raphael Di Maria, Owner & CEO
Di Maria Immobilien AG➚

At newhome, we have an established platform that we utilize as one of the main players due to the deliberately broad dissemination of our offerings.

Christian Schweizer, CEO
Schweizer Partner AG

newhome represents for us an optimal collaboration for market presence, customer-friendly and customer-oriented service, and a decent price-performance ratio.

Ilona Kaufmann, Owner
Your Business Consulting GmbH➚

We publish our real estate listings first on newhome, as we consistently receive a high number of inquiries from interested parties there. Our experience has convinced us that newhome is the leading regional real estate portal. That’s why we actively support newhome and appreciate the efficient platform for our real estate transactions.

Marc Wyss, CEO
Immobilien Wyss Schweiz AG

For our clients and for us, it’s by far the best real estate portal.

Daniel Enz, Owner / CEO
Zoller Partner AG➚

Support & contact

In our FAQs, you will find the most common questions and answers regarding advertising on newhome. If you wish to have a personal consultation, you can reach us via the contact form or at +41 44 240 11 60.

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