About us

newhome.ch emerged from the 15 cantonal bank marketplaces that began operating free property portals at cantonal level for private and professional property service providers and property seekers in 1999. In March 2013, the 15 cantonal marketplaces were integrated into the national property portal, newhome.ch. Since January 2017, the 18 affiliated cantonal banks have operated under the unified brand newhome.ch.

Partnership with cantonal banks

The participating cantonal banks are not only heavily involved in the trusteeship of newhome.ch, but also support newhome.ch AG in the operation of its property platform. For example, they manage the approval process for property listings, answer support requests and manage the data of their allocated registered users. This helps to ensure optimal, regional support for both providers and searchers.

Our services

newhome.ch provides everything you would expect to find in a leading real estate marketplace. The entire basic service is free, and a selection of useful additional services is available to help advertisers market their properties more effectively. This makes newhome.ch one of Switzerland's most highly respected portals for property providers and seekers alike.