Reach potential buyers and tenants through social media

Social Media Booster gives you the possibility to promote your property on the most important social media channels, together with the publication on and the activation of the booster.

Our algorithms daily analyze hundreds of thousands of data points on to understand the behavior of users who search, and also ensure that your social media advertising is shown only to people clearly interested in similar properties (than the one you advertise) or the appropriate behavioral profile.

For each campaign, through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we reach several thousand people who have a high level of affinity and could be interested in your property..


  • Data analysis on
  • Evaluation and comparison of user profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Mailing with Social Media Booster activation function
  • Image / text adaption possible
  • Live Dashboards and Stats
  • Access management for owners
  • Duration: 10 days

Impressions: Ø 4000* on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (not guaranteed)

Prices per package

Mini (5 x SMB) CHF 495 (CHF 99 per Booster)
Small (10 x SMB) CHF 940 (CHF 99 per Booster)
Medium (50 x SMB) CHF 4200 (CHF 84 per Booster)
Large (100 x SMB) CHF 7400 (CHF 74 per Booster)

All prices in CHF excluding VAT. We reserve the right to make changes.