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You don’t have to be told how to clean a home thoroughly. However, what is it worth observing during the final clean before the handover? Before you strike out into your new four walls, your former home must be handed over to the landlord spick and span – otherwise your rent deposit might not be paid back in full. With the following tips, you will have the final clean in the bag in no time.

Clean the last corners and remove any remains

No one can believe how many corners and surfaces a cleared out flat has. When it comes to doing a final clean, this means that: everything must be clean – even the corners that you don’t see at first glance. Remove items like stickers, name plates on doorbells and letterboxes, and self-adhesive towel hooks before you begin with the final clean.

Work flat out and clean every cupboard in the kitchen inside out and don’t forget to thoroughly clean on top. That is where all the grease from your cooking likes to stay, and it doesn’t go away through the kitchen hood. Speaking of which, the filters have to be removed one day and cleaned. The oven and the baking trays also have to be sparkling. Giving these a thorough soaking works wonders. Defrost the fridge and wipe it clean with lukewarm soapy water.

In the bathroom, all limescale must be removed. Clean the shower head and shower tube carefully and do not forget to take a closer look at the ventilation and fan grilles.

You have probably already thought about cleaning the windows once again. Even things that do not occur to you during a normal house clean should be wiped clean: door handles and frames, light switches and sockets. The best way to clean the ceiling is by brushing it with a broom to remove any cobwebs and dust. Carpets must be shampooed where necessary. There is some waiting time involved in this so plan for it in any event.

Tip: Always clean from above to below. Begin therefore with the ceiling and clean downwards. Otherwise you will make double work for yourself.

Where can you go for replacements?

Finally, it gets serious again because there are a few things which you need to provide for replacement , if they are already too worn. This includes for example the rubber seals on the fridge or broken hinges on the kitchen cabinets. In addition, if the toilet seat has any defects, you must replace it with a new one.

Also think about the next tenants and leave the handling instructions for the various electrical devices such as the fridge or the oven.

Once everything is sparkly clean, the landlord can come to do the handover. And what’s more, if you are not confident in being able to do the final clean yourself or simply don’t have time to do it, you can also hire a cleaning company to. Just make sure that a representative of the company is there for the handover.

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