You can create a subscription for your search via the button “Save search subscription”. A dialogue box will open. Here, you can give your search subscription a title and choose how you wish to be notified about new matches.

You can view the results of your search subscriptions by selecting the menu item “My newhome” and then “Search subscriptions and watch lists”.

Each time you open your search subscription it will search for the latest matches. The matches which have appeared since your last visit are marked as “new”. They will remain marked as “new” for a maximum of 24 hours.

After this period, any “new” matches which haven’t been viewed will automatically lose their «new» label.

The number of matches reported in the email reflects the number of matches at the time the email was sent. By contrast, the match list in your search subscription contains all the latest matches, including those that were found after the email was sent.

The management area contains a checkbox labelled “Only show new matches”. If this is activated, only unread matches that are marked as “new” will be shown in the results list. Deactivate this checkbox if you want all matches to be displayed.

Subscriptions are constantly updated. New hits are added to your search subscriptions at any time. New hits are notified by e-mail either on an hourly basis, 4 times a day or 1 time a day. You can select the periodicity when you create the search subscription and change it later from the subscription management page.

The search subscription overview contains a selection field where you can select all search subscriptions of a certain kind (buying or renting).

Search subscriptions can only contain the criteria that are available in a normal search. You can only select one geographical search criterion (locality, region, canton). For localities, there is also the option of a radius search. If you want to save multiple regions or cantons as an automatic search, you will need to create a separate search subscription for each one.

Select your search subscription using the selection field. Then click the link in the “Show details” tab at the bottom of the management area.

Search subscriptions cannot be modified. Delete any search subscriptions that are no longer needed and create a new subscription using the desired criteria.

If you no longer need a search subscription, go to the management area under the selection field and click the button “Delete search subscription”.

Each search subscription has a duration of 360 days. After this period, you can continue to use the search but no email or SMS notifications will be sent. This ensures that you will not receive unwanted emails or texts for prolonged periods.

Open your search subscription and go to the management area below the selection window and click the button “Extend search subscription”. The search subscription’s remaining duration will be displayed. The duration can be extended up to a maximum of 360 days.

The purpose of search subscriptions is to continuously filter and display new properties from among the vast range that is available on It is not possible to delete properties from search subscription results. To save interesting properties, use the watch list feature.

You can save individual listings to create a watch list of interesting properties. To do this, click the corresponding icon in the match list or in the detailed view of the listing.

You can access your watch lists by selecting the menu item “My newhome” and then “Watch lists” (under heading “Search subscriptions and watch lists”). The matches are grouped by property type in your watch lists.