Students* at the ETH Zurich university (ETHZ) are developing the “HomeDetective” search platform based on data supplied by newhome. The purpose of this platform is to implement and test new technical features on an experimental basis.

By exchanging information with the team led by Prof. Roger Wattenhofer from the “Information Technology and Electrical Engineering” department within the university’s “Institute for Computer Engineering and Communication Networks”, newhome is benefiting from the possibility of developing the technology for new, innovative product ideas.

The “HomeDetective” application

HomeDetective has many functions:

  • Users* of this platform can enter their place of work. The travel time to the place of work using the preferred means of transport is then taken into account for the search.
  • Users*of the platform can also add their own keywords (terms relating to properties) and award them a positive or negative score.
  • Users*of the platform can define their requirements even more precisely in terms of criteria such as price, number of rooms, living space size and much more. They can individually define how many points they want to assign to each criterion, which can thus be weighted based on the user’s individual preferences.
  • Users*of this platform can assign their own values to the properties. If the adjustable criteria are saved, the “best” or most applicable properties for the respective user* are listed in descending order on a mathematical “relevance” basis.

The “HomeDetective” application is publicly available and is being tested with up-to-date property data from newhome.

The “HomeDetective” application

Tutorial for use:

“HomeDetective” is a test platform. Neither ETHZ nor AG offer any guarantee in respect of its continuous availability and/or functionality.