As a letting agent or landlord, you are naturally careful about finding prospective tenants with a flawless payment collection history. And yet rent defaults are by no means exceptional. With CreditTrust, there is now an alternative to the traditional credit check that also speeds up the process of letting your property. 

CreditTrust minimises rent defaults

Unreliable tenants are every landlord’s worst nightmare. But what alternatives are available for owners and letting agencies looking for an effective way to prevent lost rent? This is the question that Certifaction, Intrum and CRIF asked themselves. In response, they created CreditTrust as a reliable source of key information about the solvency of potential tenants. 

A forgery-proof document 

Conventional debt collection statements are issued and passed on in paper form or as a PDF, which makes these documents susceptible to forgery. According to a survey, fraudulent applications by prospective tenants are by no means the exception.

Thanks to Certifaction’s technology, a creditworthiness certificate is issued that is registered on the underlying blockchain in a tamper-proof format. 

Based on a Swiss national database 

Since debt collection proceedings are only documented in the register of the responsible debt collection office, traditional debt collection information is only of limited value. Individuals can easily obtain a new and flawless debt collection statement simply by changing their residence. 

CreditTrust, on the other hand, provides upstream credit rating information from a database covering the whole of Switzerland. The two market leaders for credit checks throughout Switzerland are CRIF and Intrum. Between them, they store the most complete set of creditworthiness data on the Swiss market – which is also updated daily – and process over 80 million enquiries per year.

Fast property letting thanks to CreditTrust certification 

A potential tenant can order the CreditTrust creditworthiness certificate online in just three minutes. It is then immediately available in digital form, so there is no need to physically travel to the debt collection office (usually during working hours) or wait for their debt collection statement to be sent by post. 

Through digitisation, the certificate can be integrated directly into your online application process, either via the online application platforms of aroov, emonitor or flatfox, or as a CreditTrust QR code on your application form. The credit check can thus be completed via just a few clicks. 

“CreditTrust is a true digital innovation. Tenants can apply for a property completely digitally with just a few clicks instead of waiting several days for their debt collection statement. In addition, letting agencies benefit from extra security, as every CreditTrust certificate is anchored in the blockchain in a tamper-proof manner,” says Pascal Stutz, CEO SVIT Zurich.

Put the CreditTrust badge on your adverts, free of charge

Adding the CreditTrust badge to your adverts lets property seekers clearly see that you accept the CreditTrust creditworthiness certificate. Enable the badge in the settings of your user account today at no cost. We will be happy to do this on your behalf.

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